Philippine Queer Studies Conference

The Philippine Queer Studies Conference (PQSC) is the pioneering national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) research conference that aims to bring together scholars, policy makers, and advocates involved in the advancement of LGBTQI rights in the Philippines.

First convened in 2020, this conference highlights exemplary work  of, by, and for LGBTQI Filipinos and about LGBTQI-related concerns in the Philippines from various fields—arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences. PQSC also provides an avenue for their participants to learn from LGBTQI experts  through various session offerings.

The 2nd Philippine Queer Studies Conference is presented by the University of the Philippines (UP) Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, co-presented by Babaylanes Inc., and UP School of Statistics, and in partnership with UP Department of Sociology, UP Babaylan, and UP Rainbow Research Hub.

The 2024 Philippine Queer Studies Conference

The 2nd Philippine Queer Studies Conference (PQSC 2024) carries the theme “Bridging queer knowledges and desires”. The objective is not only to highlight queer work and scholarship in the country, but also to facilitate stronger connections between LGBTQI scholars, policy makers, and advocates.

As a metaphor of connections, bridges, when imagined as intersecting, conjure relationships that are multiple, fluid, and meaningful. While the metaphor facilitates movements, it refuses to identify essential origins and definitive destinations. Rather, it gestures towards adaptability to the diverse exigencies of living. Queer thinking and praxis have always shared such characteristics. Queer thoughts, amid its reputation for theoretical rambling, have always and should always respond to the flow of historical and material conditions.

With the recognition that no queer theory emerges outside lived experiences, the 2024 Philippine Queer Studies Conference foregrounds connections between knowledges and desires. Here, desires speak not only of the utopian visions of distributing queer rights, welfare, and justice but also the actual work of organizing that such visions require.

With the intention to strengthen conversations between theories and practices, we call on researchers, activists, advocates, artists, performers, literary writers, filmmakers, scholars, community workers, and all other practitioners to join us in these conversations. And because queer also means recognizing different ways of enunciating knowledges and narrating experiences, we encourage the submission of creatively curated sessions that disturb the rigidity of academic discussion by employing the fluid movements of queer art, the passion of activism, and the urgency of community work.

Call for Paper and Panel Proposals

Participants of the conference can present their knowledge and skills rooted in research, creative work, and community work and conduct workshops on topics related to LGBTQI Filipinos and their experiences.

We encourage the sharing of lessons learned through various forms of knowledge: academic, literary, multimedia, performance (e.g., drag), policy or project implementation and management, among many others.

Those interested in presenting their works or convening panels may submit their proposals through this Qualtrics form:

  • Individual presentations. These are 10-minute presentations. Individual presentations will be grouped into themed 1.5-hour sessions of three to four presentations and a 30-minute Q&A forum. For papers with multiple authors, assign an individual presenter.
  • Symposia. These are sessions that include three to four 10-minute presentations that revolve around a central theme. The sessions are 1.5-hour long that conclude with a 30-minute integrative discussion.
  • Workshops. These are 2-hour sessions led by community and professional organizations that teach participants new knowledge and skills related to LGBTQI experiences.
  • Art exhibit. An art exhibit will run for the duration of UP Pride 2024 and the conference. More information will be provided soon.

The following types of proposals will NOT be considered in the conference.

  • Work that aggregates “LGBTQ+” experiences, not attending to diversity within
  • Work that delegitimizes and/or pathologizes sexual and/or gender diversity
  • Work that uncritically relies on WEIRD (i.e. Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) samples, without acknowledging limitations
  • Work that does not acknowledge its historical and social context

Please submit your proposals by 31 May 2024. Acceptance notices will be released by 30 June 2024.


For this year’s conference, the conference fees are as follows.

Regular conference fee: Php 4,000 (USD 100 for foreign participants)
Reduced conference fee: Php 2,500 (USD 60 for foreign participants)

Conference fee is inclusive of your participation in the three-day conference which includes presentations and workshops, lunch for three days, and one dinner during the socials.

We realize that economic circumstances may impact some people’s ability to pay the registration fee and participate in the conference. Reduced registration fee may be availed by (1) students including senior high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, (2) those whose annual income in 2023 did not exceed Php 120,000, (3) retirees, (4) unemployed persons, and (5) persons with disabilities.

Discount will be provided to early registrants. Limited conference scholarships will also be granted to selected presenters. More details about the discount and conference scholarships will be provided soon.

Important Dates

Deadline for Submission of Proposals
31 May 2024

Release of Acceptance Notices
30 June 2024

Registration of Presenters and Participants
31 July 2024

Conference Schedule
25–27 October 2024


For updates, follow us on our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), UP Rainbow Research Hub (, and UP Center for Women’s and Gender Studies ( For partnerships, e-mail us at [email protected].